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In this video series, watch Heart iQ founder, Christian Pankhurst share how Heart iQ can help you heal your past, expand into your full potential, accelerate your awakening, reconnect to your deepest purpose and transform your relationships.

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A Language of the Heart

Heart iQ is a way to deepen your connection with yourself, your intimate relationships and the world around you, by doing your inner work with others in community and in connection. 

When we practice Heart iQ together, an amplified field is created providing an environment that is filled with profound insight, nourishing intimacy and deep healing.   

Heart iQ exists to help shape a better world for future generations to come. That's why we believe the greatest gift you can give to the world, is to become a fully healthy you.

Accelerate Your Awakening

Heart iQ helps you feel more of your full wide emotional-energetic range while simultaneously becoming more self-aware and conscious. The result, more joy no matter what's happening in your inner and outer world.

Upgrade Your Relationships

Heart iQ teaches you how to communicate from your Heart so that all of you can be expressed authentically in a way that can be received. The result? Deeper intimacy and relationships that thrive, even when there's conflict.

Communities That Thrive

Heart iQ teaches you how to do your healing work with others in community. The result? Heart iQ offers you an operating system to run intentional gatherings and communities so they stay 'emotionally hygienic' and connected.



In this masterclass, watch Heart iQ founder, Christian Pankhurst demonstrate with a real couple how the Heart iQ Method can transform your relationships.

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Ready to Dive Deep? Take the Challenge...

The Heart iQ 90-Day Challenge is the THE course for those wishing to learn the language of Heart iQ.

Completing the Challenge is mandatory to attend any Heart iQ retreat and is the first step on the practitioner journey.

The Heart iQ Challenge is a 90-day online coaching program that will teach you healthy communication habits that will develop what we call "Emotional Hygiene".  Emotional Hygiene is the result of clear, clean, non-toxic ways of communicating with those whom you are in connection. But it takes practice!

With this 90-day challenge, you will be guided step-by-step, day-by-day to increase your Heart iQ and become more hygienic in the way you relate to yourself, others and the world.

Deep personal happiness, healthy intimate relationships and resonant communities are created when these tools are learned, practiced and used in daily life.

If you feel called to study a deeper, richer, more heart-based approach to authentic connection and intimacy in relationships, then look no further – the Heart iQ 90-Day Challenge will help you get there.

Awakened Living TV


Humanity 3.0 is a state of awakened living that we are being invited to step into, both individually and collectively. To accelerate this process, Heart iQ has created a ‘Gymnasium for the Heart & Soul’ to practice the vital skills needed to live in a culture of connection, transparency and togetherness.

Join Heart iQ Founder, Christian Pankhurst, weekly on a journey of deep healing and discovery, as he shares his revolutionary approach to living life from the Heart. Learn more by clicking the link below.

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Transform Your Relationships

Heart iQ was founded by Christian Pankhurst in 2006. In Christian's book, Insights To Intimacy - 'Why Relationships Fail & How To Make Them Work' he shows you how to heal yourself and your family through the sacred union of conscious heart intelligent relationship. ‚Äč

Learn the skills to become Heart Intelligent today and become a healthy role model for a new generation of emotionally literate individuals.

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